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What Are the Best Pellet Stoves for Sale?

Lopi AGP Pellet Stove

When you’re searching for a pellet stove that meets all of your needs and expectations, there’s a lot of diversity and variety on the market. From heat output to size, you may not know precisely what it is you need in a stove, but we’re here to help.

At LanChester Grill & Hearth, it’s all in our name—we’re all about the heat! But all jokes aside, we truly know what we’re talking about when it comes to grills, fireplaces, and of course, pellet stoves.

As one of the top pellet stove dealers in Lancaster County, we want to highlight our top three best-sellers and showcase a few high-quality pellet stoves for sale that are worth your hard-earned dollar.

Lopi AGP Pellet Stove

We’ve talked about Lopi Pellet Stoves in the past on our blog, but there’s a reason we keep bringing them up. When it comes to ease of use and price range, Lopi is one of our favorite brands to recommend to buyers across the board. The AGP pellet stove from Lopi is easy to use, easy to live with, self-cleaning, and is one of the most reliable pellet stoves on the market.

Like most pellet stoves, the AGP offers all of the benefits of a wood-burning stove, but with less fuel consumption and a compact size that’s easy to use. In addition, it features a unique rotary disc feeding system that allows you to use all grade-types of wood pellets!

Lopi AGP Pellet Insert

Do you have an old, drafty fireplace that you’re tired of maintaining? Or maybe you’re just missing a more authentic wood-burning experience of a fireplace without the mess? If so, an insert unit may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Lopi AGP Pellet Stove Insert takes all of your favorite features of a pellet stove and places them in an insert that makes it function similarly to a real fireplace. With all of the features of its standalone counterpart, this pellet stove won’t disappoint. From superior heating due to the all-grade pellet-burning capabilities to the easy ash removal pan, there’s a reason Lopi inserts get rave reviews from our customers.

Deerfield™ Pellet Stove

Innovation meets classic design with Lopi’s Deerfield™ Pellet Stove. At first glance, this may look like your standard pellet stove for sale, but it’s so much more.

Lopi boasts the Deerfield pellet stove as being the quietest and most simple stove to operate—and we agree! This stove’s whisper-quiet reputation is achieved through a unique Ultra Iron Fan™ and other sound-dampening components.

But the best part of this stove is the TouchSmart™ control panel that is seamlessly integrated into the glass of the fuel loading door. The digital display is so innovative and displays your power settings, fan controls, heat output, and more! You won’t find a stove of this quality anywhere else.

Need More Help Deciding on a Pellet Stove That’s Right for You?

If you’re not sure which of these pellet stoves will work best for your home, just reach out to our team, and we’ll be happy to help. We have decades of experience with stoves and fireplaces, so we can help you make a wise purchasing decision quickly so that you can get your home heated in no time.

Contact us online for more info, or stop by our showroom to see all of our pellet stoves for sale!