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Outdoor Cooking Areas in Lancaster, PA

Are you ready for the ultimate outdoor kitchen? An outdoor cooking area dedicated to grilling, smoking, baking, slicing, dicing, serving, and best of all—eating? Get the best within your budget at LanChester Grill & Hearth!

Step up to your new outdoor kitchen—custom-built by the grill and hearth experts at LanChester Grill & Hearth. Whether you’re looking for a small outdoor grill island, or something as elaborate and expansive as any indoor kitchen, we can help! Let us help you build the outdoor patio kitchen you’ve always dreamed about!

How We Design Outdoor Kitchens

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outdoor kitchen with wood cabinet accents

Our Design Process

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the kitchen options and not sure where to begin? Let the experts at LanChester Grill & Hearth be your guides. We make it easy to design your outdoor kitchen layout, choose appliances and amenities, and complete the installation.

Our outdoor kitchen designs begin by defining the purpose of your outdoor cooking area and looking at the elements you’d like to include. Are you into outdoor entertaining? Are you interested in stand-alone or built-in grills? We’ll help you determine the space you need and the features you want.

Next, we take the information from our first meeting to begin developing plans for your new outdoor cooking area. We’ll work with you until your outdoor kitchen plans are just the way you want them. Once that’s complete, we’ll schedule the installation and provide plenty of detail, so you’ll know what to expect at each stage of the installation process.

Here at LanChester, we’ve been installing custom outdoor kitchens since 1996. Whether you’re looking for a small built-in patio kitchen for your back porch or a large full-service kitchen complete with hardscaping, lighting, and more, we have the experience to bring your project to life!

Contact us to schedule a time to meet with us or visit our showroom to see the possibilities for yourself!

Outdoor Kitchen Element Ideas

Whether you’d like to add a few bells and whistles or want to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen in your own backyard, there are tons of amenities to bring your design to life. Here are some great ideas to spice up your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Make any night a pizza night with a built-in outdoor pizza oven right in your own backyard.

Built-In Grills

Take your grilling experience to a whole new level with built-in luxury outdoor grills from Alfresco.

Outdoor Bar

Be the life of every party with a built-in outdoor bar for kicking back, relaxing, and drinking in life’s pleasures.

Fire Pits

Add a fire pit to chase away the chill on cool evenings for more moments with family and friends.

Cabinetry and Storage

Keep the things you need most close at hand with custom stainless steel cabinetry, drawers, and more.

Built-In Wireless Speakers

Let the music play with professionally installed, built-in wireless speakers you control with your smartphone.

Built In Sink

Rinse vegetables, draw a pot of water, or clean up messes quickly with an outdoor sink and washing station.

Custom Countertops

Give yourself the space you need to slice, dice, mince, and serve your favorite dishes with a custom countertop for your patio kitchen, outdoor kitchen island, or outdoor grill island.

Setup Your Design Consultation

Want Some Tips for Designing the Perfect Outdoor Cooking Area?

Check out our blog series, How to Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen!

This series has five chapters that outline different aspects of designing your outdoor kitchen. We offer tips and tricks, as well as ideas for how we can help you make your outdoor cooking area come to life!

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