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Add Warmth to Your Home with an Electric Fireplace in Lancaster, PA

There’s no need to look anywhere but LanChester Grill & Hearth when searching for an electric fireplace in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We carry several brands to suit your functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

As winter rolls in, there’s nothing like a fire, a mug of your favorite tea, and a blanket to keep you cozy. It’s easy to make that setting even warmer and more welcoming with an electric fireplace. Homeowners in Lancaster, Pa, and the surrounding areas have several options for high-quality electric fireplaces, thanks to the extensive selection at our showroom.

Our Featured Electric Fireplaces

What you need or want from your electric fireplace might differ from the next person, so having a full selection is crucial if you want to pick the right unit. At LanChester Grill & Hearth, we offer a vast selection of several of the incredible brands of electric fireplaces on the market, so you have access to the best for your home.

Why Should You Consider an Electric Fireplace?

It’s easy to see the benefits of an electric fireplace. It can fit into smaller spaces, is easier to install, and is often the focal point of any room. Even when you opt for an electric wall fireplace for your Lancaster, PA, home, you can expect much less effort than would be required with a wood-burning or gas fire feature. However, there are many other benefits to owning an electric fireplace, extending past being the perfect focal point in any room!


Many people who own electric fireplaces in Lancaster, PA, utilize them for supplemental heating, also known as zone heating, where they heat specific areas in the home and keep the thermostat turned down low throughout the rest of the house. Because some models, like the wall mount fireplace mantles, are also transportable, it is common for homeowners to have their fireplace moved to a different room in the home. Unlike other types, this investment can also follow you to an entirely new home.

Easy to Use

For some people, the appeal of a wood-burning fireplace doesn’t outweigh the mess produced after. And for others, the idea of having a natural gas line installed in their home if one doesn’t already exist is too costly an investment for a fireplace. Electric fireplaces require truly little space and don’t have any external needs, minus a power source, to work from the moment you turn them on. These fireplaces are also extremely low-maintenance and only require the push of a button to turn on.

They Have No Fumes

Some people are concerned about the fumes that come with gas or wood-burning fireplaces because of the intense smells that sometimes come from those fuels. However, electric fireplaces have no fumes because nothing is burning. Instead, an electric fireplace has heating elements inside and the image of flames for that visual appeal and feel of a fire without all the extra hassle. The lack of fumes makes these fireplaces a good option for those sensitive to smells!

Safe to Use

Electric fireplaces are excellent choices for homes of all types. After all, they can be safer to use than gas or wood-burning fireplace because they aren’t burning any fuel. Additionally, many models come with a built-in shut-off feature in case they get too hot, and they are typically cool to the touch while they heat your space. This feature is ideal for families with small children or animals who might carelessly place a blanket or body in front of the fireplace and cause it to overheat. While these safety features exist in some models, it is crucial to operate the fireplace with care and supervise any children or animals around the feature.


If you need your fire feature to fit into your home décor, there are several aesthetic options for an electric fireplace. Each of the brands we carry offers a selection of beautiful features that will fit right into your home, adding visual appeal and comfort. Not only do we have several options for aesthetics, but you can also customize the functionality of some of the models. Remote-controlled options, LED displays, realistic-looking flames are some of the customizations you can choose from for your electric fireplace. It can be as easy to use as you want it to be and as beautiful as you can imagine!


While newer models are much more efficient than older ones, wood-burning and gas fireplaces require burning fuel sources that may contribute to pollution. Wood produces gases and ash while burning. Gas is cleaner than wood, but it still has emissions. Electric fireplaces run on tiny amounts of electricity, a power source that allows the fireplace to produce zero emissions and is much more eco-friendly than the other two sources. This consideration can be essential in the selection process for some households, as eco-friendliness is a concern many families have.

Stop By Our Showroom and View Our Selection of Electric Fireplaces in Lancaster, PA

A visit to our showroom in Lancaster, PA, can help you decide whether you’ve already decided on an electric fireplace or are unsure of the type of fireplace you want. We have experience with all kinds of fireplaces, and we can help you determine what will work best in your home, whether an electric wall fireplace or a traditional wood-burning feature.