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Are You Looking for High-Quality Outdoor Fire Pits Near Gap, PA?

The summer months eventually grow colder as it becomes autumn, and the time you spend outside gets shorter and shorter. However, just because warmer weather eventually ends, that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors! Chilly weather just means it’s time to stoke up the fire pit and break out the marshmallows!

But are you tired of an unsightly pile of rocks being your designated contained fire pit? It’s okay; we are too, which is why we’re such huge advocates of beautifully crafted outdoor fire pits! And when looking for outdoor fire pits near Gap, PA, turn to LanChester Grill & Hearth for the best available on the market!

Our Featured Brands

Perhaps you are hoping for a simple, functional fire pit without all the frills, or maybe you are looking for a more decorative piece that adds aesthetic appeal to your space. Either way, we have options for you at LanChester Grill & Hearth! Our featured brands below come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, so you get the fire pit of your dreams.

crossfire brass fire pit burner

CROSSFIRE Brass Burners
By Warming Trends

These brass burners are the perfect addition to any custom fire pit project. Made from sustainable brass, they will never rust, and a lifetime warranty backs them. Warming Trends brass burners can be customized into any shape, making them suitable for any fire pit. Round, rectangle, square, and even curved fire pits are no challenge for these burners. They are manufactured and assembled in the United States, so the wait time is much shorter than you would find if you ordered international parts or burners.

breeo smokeless fire pit

Smokeless Fire Pits
By Breeo

Breeo fire pits are well-loved by homeowners, and there’s no surprise why. These high-quality pieces are an investment you can be proud to show off on your property. If you want a gorgeous design with efficient heating and double wall technology for the ultimate fire pit experience, a Breeo might be the right fire pit for you. There are assorted options so you can customize the look of your fire pit to match your home’s unique aesthetic, and they are made of corten or stainless steel right here in PA!

fire pit table

Fire Pit Tables
By Stoll Bros

Do you want something more multifunctional? A fire pit table is an excellent addition to your outdoor or patio space and is a natural focal point for any outdoor event! An extended ledge is a convenient place for your family or guests to set down a drink or a plate, and then when the fire starts, it acts as a natural barrier between you and the flames. These gas-fueled options are perfect for any home, and come in over 25 finishes and different shapes to suit your home’s look.

Cozy Up Outdoors to a Built-In Fire Pit

Your home might be perfect inside, but if you feel like something’s lacking in your outdoor space, a fire pit is just the thing! Add an outdoor fireplace to your Gap, PA, home and instantly begin to enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful outdoor space. The warmth and atmosphere are a bonus!

stylish modern firepit

Entertain Outdoors & Stay Warm

Spend more time outdoors on those chilly evenings and extend your outdoor season with a fire pit from LanChester Grill & Hearth. The perfect outdoor extension to your home décor, our contained fire pits offer cozy warmth for your outdoor space that’s great for entertaining or just kicking back with good conversation. Plus, it gives your friends and family somewhere to hang out while they wait for you to finish cooking in your outdoor kitchen.

From a portable fire pit to a custom-built wood-burning fire pit that blends with your décor, we offer many outdoor heating options to complete your backyard oasis in style. Choose from traditional wood fire pits or upgrade to the convenience and style of gas. You can also add a fire ring to your backyard, or change the aesthetic of your fire tables with fire glass. The options and looks are nearly endless!

The Pros of an Outdoor Fire Pit

With so many models on the market, you will surely find a fire pit model that suits your Gap, PA, home. Whether you go with a gas fire pit that needs hooked up to the main gas line of your home, or a traditional wood-burning one that you can move, you’ll still experience all the benefits of owning a fire pit outlined here!

entertaining icon

Fun for Entertaining

Grabbing a few drinks around the fire pit with friends or roasting marshmallows with the kids on a  random Friday night—there’s no denying how great fire pits are for extending the entertainment into a chilly evening. So, get to roasting marshmallows with your family!

leaf icon

Perfect for Relaxing

Kick back, relax, and prop your feet up next to the fire (just not too close) while you unwind after a long day! A built-in outdoor fire pit can be a perfect addition to your outdoor getaway. Don’t forget to put the spark screen on your fire pit to protect your shoes.

fireplace grill icon

Provides Cozy Warmth

Sure, staying inside will keep you warm, but you can also extend your outdoor living space well into the colder months when you have an outdoor fire pit to keep you warm. There’s nothing better than wrapping up in a blanket by the fire.

light burst icon

Source of Light

Let your fire pit chase away the dark of those early nights notorious in the year’s cooler months. A fire pit will add more warmth to your outdoor space, but it will also add more light to the area, so it doesn’t feel so dreary in your backyard as the sun sets!

home value icon

Increases Property Value

Homes with extra features, like fire pits or fireplaces, tend to have a higher resale value than homes without those features. People look for these luxury items because they signify comfort, luxury, and indulgence. Add a fire pit to your home for increased market value!

home in heart icon

Adds Aesthetic Value

Everyone has a dream home, which often includes a picturesque backyard. Even when you aren’t using your new fire pit, you can expect it to look beautiful in your yard year-round, making those dreams come true. It acts as a natural focal point, lit or not, for everyone to enjoy.

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