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Serious Grillers Love Our Selection of Grills & Smokers

You're serious about grilling and have the scars to prove it. You'll grill in any weather - rain, snow or bitter cold. You've perfected your grilling techniques and grill everything from steaks and chops to chicken, ribs, and even pizza!

You're ready for a grill that can keep up. A grill that's built to last. You don't have the time to replace parts every few years and you know how to use grill covers properly. You want an outdoor grill that's as serious about grilling as you are!

At Lanchester Grill & Hearth, we specialize in charcoal, pellet, and gas grills for serious grillers from Lancaster, PA to Wilmington, DE. From portable grills that work like powerhouses to built-in charcoal, pellet, or gas grills for your outdoor kitchen, we carry backyard grills from all the best names in the business! We also carry grill accessories like grill covers and can help you determine what you'll need for the best grilling experience.

Visit our showroom, located in Gap, PA, a convenient drive from Lancaster, PA and Wilmington, DE, to see our selection of top-quality grills and talk with our grill experts!

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Constant Cooking Temperature

Through convection heating, pellet grills maintain a constant cooking temperature. Convection makes it possible to bake, smoke, or roast on a pellet grill, in addition to standard searing and BBQ cooking.

Smoky Flavor

Food-grade wood pellets are made from hardwoods that produce an array of smoky flavors from apple and oak to maple, pecan, or cherry. Pellet grills may be the perfect new BBQ grill for your outdoor patio area.

Energy Efficiency

Pellet grills cook very efficiently, so you use less fuel.


Many Can't Reach High Temperatures

Most pellet grills are unable to reach temperatures higher than 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 700 degrees or higher is generally necessary in order to quickly sear steaks and other meats.

Clean Up Can Be a Chore

While a pellet grill cleans up easier than many charcoal grills, wood pellets still produce ash that must be removed after cooking is complete.

Technology is Not As Developed

Though the pellet grill was invented in 1985, patents restricted the development of the technology until the patent expired in 2006. Pellet grills are just now starting to receive serious attention, and competition is heating up. We'll likely see this technology evolve over the next few years, but for now, you won't find nearly as many options as are available for other types of backyard grills.

Featured Pellet Grills:

Pellet Grills logo Memphis Pellet Grill

Memphis Pellet Grills

If you're in the market for a solid pellet grill, we recommend taking a look at pellet grills from Memphis Wood Fire Grills. Unlike most pellet grills, it can reach a maximum temperature of 700 degrees to make searing meats a breeze. Memphis grills have a wide temperature range, from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and can outperform other pellet grills in the market. Come by our showroom to see Memphis Pellet grills in action! Come by our showroom to see the Memphis pellet grills in action!


Easy to Use

If you've cooked on a gas stove, you can use a gas grill. Simply turn on the burner with a dial and adjust to your cooking needs. Gas grills are also easy to turn off when cooking is complete.

Fast Cooking

Most gas grills heat up in just a few minutes, so you can start cooking right away. Less time cooking means more time for entertaining guests.

Good Temperature Control

It's easy to adjust the temperature to different types of foods. Cooking delicate fish, turn the burner down. Making a mouth-watering steak, crank it up for great searing action.


No Smokey Flavor

Gas burns clean and does not create smoke, so you may miss the smoky, flame-broiled taste that charcoal or pellet grills provide. They can't be used as a smoker, but smoking boxes used with wood chips can be used to add some element of smoky flavor.

Dry Food

Although gas grills offer convenience, they tend to dry out food more so than other grill types.

Featured Gas Grills:

Alfresco logo Alfresco Gas Grill

If you're looking for the best of both worlds, consider an Alfresco Grill. These grills incorporate a smoker tray to add smoky flavor to your food. They can also slow cook to avoid drying out your meats. Visit our showroom and give one a try to see for yourself. Visit our showroom to try out these grills for yourself!


True, Grilled Flavor

Many who favor charcoal grills over natural gas grills, do so because of the unmistakable char-grilled flavor you can only get from cooking with charcoal.


Charcoal grills come in a variety of sizes, making some models small enough to carry on the go for tailgating, boating, or an afternoon picnic in the park. If you're looking for a portable grill, charcoal grills may be an option worth investing in.

High Cooking Temperatures

With enough experience and patience, you can stoke the coals of your charcoal grill up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for searing a great steak.


Temperature Control Can Be Challenging

After you light the charcoal and get the coals hot, it can be difficult to control the heat, beyond raising the cooking surface, or opening a series of air vents.

Can Be Messy Clean

Charcoal grills can be messy to clean, producing a wealth of ash, as well as grease spatters with every use. Charcoal ash can also blow around creating a mess on your deck or patio.

Featured Charcoal Grills:

Big Green Egg logo Big Green Egg Grill

If you're dedicated to charcoal and want the ultimate charcoal grill that's built to last, you want the Big Green Egg. Available in seven sizes with hundreds of accessories, the Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile cooking devices ever made, giving you the ability to grill, bake, and smoke, all in one convenient package. Visit our showroom to try out the Big Green Egg for yourself.


Ready Fuel Supply

Because wood fired grills use wood as their fuel source, you won't have to worry about running out of fuel.

Smoky Flavor

Get that true smoky flavor with a wood fired grill. You can even experiment with wood types to impart different smoked flavors. Try wood fired grills as your next BBQ grill!


Wood fired grills are portable grills so you can jump to different locations or even pack them up and take them with you on a camping trip.


Start Up Time

It takes some planning to cook with a wood grill. The wood has to reduce to a bed of hot embers before you can start grilling.


Wood grills work properly only on level ground, so you'll have to make sure you have the right location.

No Grate

Unlike gas or pellet grills, there is no grate. You have to cook the meat by hand requiring some physical labor on your part.

Featured Wood Grills:

OFYR Grills OFYR Wood Grill

The OFYR wood grill is versatile and great for social grilling. It comes with a grate to make grilling much easier and is easy to start. It's also attractive even when it's not being used. Visit our showroom to try out an OFYR Wood Grill for yourself.

Grills on Display

Visit our showroom, located in Gap, PA, a convenient drive from Lancaster, PA, and Wilmington, DE, to see our selection of top-quality grills and talk with our grill experts!

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