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Dinner Is So Much Better When Made on Charcoal Grills in Lancaster, PA

For most people, it’s not summer until the smell of charcoal and grilled meat starts to waft in from the deck. As a long-time favorite and staple in summer cooking, charcoal grills are still one of the most popular ways to grill. By using charcoal to heat the cooking grates, these grills allow you to control whether you’re using direct or indirect heat when cooking, making it a flexible grilling option.

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green egg shaped grill

Featured Charcoal Grill:

Big Green Egg Grills

If you’re dedicated to charcoal grilling and want the ultimate charcoal grill that’s built to last, you need the Big Green Egg. Available in seven sizes with hundreds of accessories, the Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile cooking devices ever made. It allows you to grill, but you can also bake and smoke food—all in one convenient package.

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broilmaster charcoal grill

By Broilmaster

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What Are the Differences Between Big Green Egg and Other Charcoal Grills?

As we already mentioned, grilling with an open-face charcoal grill is one of the most common grilling methods available. But there are reasons why it’s so popular—from flavor to ease of cooking—the options are nearly endless. Keep reading for some of the most common differences we’ve come across with charcoal grills and why our grills are better than what you’ll find at big box stores.

Big Green Egg Grills:

True, Grilled Flavor

Many who favor charcoal grills over natural gas grills do so because of the unmistakable char-grilled flavor you can only get from cooking with charcoal. The Big Green Egg takes that a step further, because it’s made of ceramic that does the work to keep the heat and moisture in, creating perfectly grilled, juicy meats.


Charcoal grills come in various sizes, making some models small and portable enough for tailgating, boating, or an afternoon picnic in the park. If you’re looking for a portable grill, one of the smaller Big Green Eggs may be an option worth investing in.

High Cooking Temperatures

With enough experience and patience, you can stoke the coals on a Big Green Egg to get the grill temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for searing a great steak.

Available in Different Sizes

Big Green Egg grills come in various sizes ranging from “mini” to “2XL,” so you will be able to choose a size to suit your needs.


But not only is it available in different sizes, but it is also a versatile appliance in which you can grill, bake, and smoke all kinds of meals. From your grandma’s cherry pie recipe to your favorite smoked salmon, this grill can do it all.

Convenient to Use and Easy to Clean

The Big Green Egg is easy to maintain and keep tidy, from cooking to cleaning! As mentioned before, the Big Green Egg can get to quite a high temperature. Once you’ve cleaned most of the ash out, burn some fresh coals as hot as possible and let it sit for an hour. After the grill is cooled, you can scrape away any buildup and excess ash easily.

Standard Charcoal Grills:

Temperature Control Can Be Challenging/Not As Thermal Efficient

After you light the charcoal and get the coals hot, it can be challenging to control the heat. You may have to raise the cooking surface or open a series of air vents. Charcoal may also burn unevenly, which can be an issue if you want to cook a lot of food at once. Some charcoal grills begin to cool after about 45 minutes, and you must add more fuel to bring them back up to temperature.

Can Be Messy to Clean

Charcoal grills can be messy to clean, producing a wealth of ash, as well as grease spatters with every use. Charcoal ash can also blow around, creating a mess on your deck or patio, if you aren’t careful or if the grill has a design that makes cleaning it efficiently quite difficult.

Can Be Bulky

When you have a designated cooking space, how you use every square inch matters! Some charcoal grills are huge and bulky, with square bodies that don’t suit the sleek aesthetic you want for your cooking area.

Can You Use Charcoal Grills in the Winter?

While charcoal grilling has long been a staple of summertime meals, investing in a Big Green Egg can yield delicious rewards all year! With charcoal, you don’t have to worry about warming up your grill for longer, using more fuel, or adding warming elements around the cooker. Instead, the thermal efficiency of these grills ensures that your food will cook the same, even in temperatures that dip below freezing! The internal grill temperature is not affected.

Even if you are without power, you can use your Big Green Egg charcoal grill to make perfectly cooked foods that are full of flavor. We love both direct and indirect cooking for different meals in the winter. What will you try making with your Big Green Egg?

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