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5 Things to Think About When Buying a Pellet Grill

meat grilling on a pellet grill smoker

Barbeques, lounging by the pool, cookouts, grilled meat, drinks with friends and family, burgers and hot dogs on the beach—is anyone else as ready for summer as we are? If so, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about some of our fantastic pellet grills for sale in Lancaster, PA.

We talk about grilling a lot here at LanChester Grill & Hearth, but that’s because it’s something we’re passionate about. We love sharing our knowledge about grills and grilling with customers, which is why we want to talk more about pellet grills as we prepare to get into the grilling season!

Pellet grills have tons of great qualities, but they’re not for everyone, so here are a few things you should consider before making the big purchase.

1.      Freestanding vs. Built-In

Pellet grills come in various sizes and styles, so it’s essential to understand what type will work best for you. For example, if you have an outdoor kitchen, a built-in pellet grill may be ideal for you and all of your outdoor cooking plans. On the other hand, you may only have a deck or poolside area that you want to grill in, so freestanding would work best for you in this instance.

Our Memphis Pellet Grills are great examples of quality, freestanding grills that work for various grilling levels. High cook temperatures and a range of features make Memphis Pellet Grills a standout choice for many enthusiasts. Stop by our showroom to see some of these grills in action. Our team will be happy to help you pick out a model that works best for your grilling needs.

2.      Grill Placement

Unlike your typical gas grill, pellet grills are usually not as portable due to their size and components. They also need electricity to run, so consider that before you pick a spot to do your outdoor cooking.

It’s also important to remember that pellet grills will create more smoke, so you may not want them close to any open windows near your home. Or, if you do have your pellet grill near a window, make sure you have an overhang or some kind of cover to help keep the area clean.

3.      Maintenance Level

Other than the typical cleaning you do on a grill, it’s essential to remember that pellet grills require wood pellets to cook. That means you’re going to have ash to clean up when the firebox on the grill gets full. If you clean it regularly, it won’t affect the performance or heat output, but make sure you do check it—so you get the best grill experience every time.

Also, we recommend putting foil down on your grill if you’re worried about too much drainage or drippings coating your grill!

4.      Grill, Smoker, or Both?

We get this question a lot—is a pellet grill just a grill, a smoker, or is it both? The short answer is that it’s a bit of both! When you cook with a pellet grill, you’re getting all of the benefits of a low and slow cooking style, combined with the efficiency of a standard grill. The smoke from the wood pellets gives you deep, woody flavors to your foods without having to entirely smoke your meats.

Different pellet grills will have various features that give you the versatility you may be looking for with grilling. But if you want a full smoker, we recommend asking our team what will work best for you.

5.      Technology

As pellet grills and grilling become more popular, the technology behind outdoor cooking is becoming more and more advanced. For example, some of the pellet grills we carry—like the Memphis Beale Street grills—have Wi-Fi capabilities. You can adjust and control your cook temperatures from your phone, check how your meat is doing from your living room, and much more!

While technology advancements in grills are great, we understand that they’re not for everyone. Plus, they can run up the price of your new pellet grill. So make sure you’re investing in the right grill for you with the features you most want.

Ready to Check Out Pellet Grills for Sale in Lancaster, PA? LanChester Grill Can Help!

We have many pellet grills for sale in our Lancaster, PA showroom, so we understand if you’re still unsure if a pellet grill is right for you or not. That’s why we encourage you to come in to talk to us and see some of these grills up close. You can ask us questions we didn’t answer in this blog, and our experts will be happy to help. Just reach out to us for more information, and we hope to see you soon!