2021 Luxury Outdoor Living Event
Friday, August 6th from 2pm to 8pm
LanChester will be hosting live manufacturer grill demonstrations of the latest outdoor cooking techniques—similar to cooking classes! Come enjoy beautifully prepared fine grill dining.
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We have the world's largest Mendota fireplace display. Come see our showroom!
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Completed Jobs Gallery (Fireplaces)

Enos – FullView 34 Fireplace

Holsinger – Mendota ML 72 Linear Fireplace

Hartwell – Mendota ML47 Fireplace

Passalacqua – Travis 864 Fireplace

Hayhurst – Travis 864 Fireplace

Hess – Mendota FullView 34 Arch Fireplace

Vitali – Mendota FV34 fireplace

Rensman – Mendota FullView 41 Arch Fireplace

Balzarano – Mendota FullView 34 Fireplace

Monroe – Mendota ML39 Fireplace

Cummins – Mendota FullView 34 Arch Fireplace

Ergler – Mendota FullView 41 Arch Fireplace

Tighe – Mendota 44i Fireplace Insert

Smack – FullView 34 Arch Fireplace

Schmitt – FullView 41 Arch Fireplace

Ortenzi – Mendota DXV45 Fireplace

O’Brien – Mendota ML39 Fireplace

Hines – Mendota FullView 34 Fireplace

Hess – Mendota 44i Fireplace Insert

Hayes – Mendota 44i Decor Insert

Davison – Mendota FullView 34 Arch Fireplace

Brower – Mendota FullView 41 Fireplace

Bichefsky – Mendota FullView 34 Decor Fireplace

Annucci – Mendota DXV45 Fireplace

Regan – Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace

Misturak – Mendota 44i Fireplace Insert

Ripper – Mendota ML47 Fireplace