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Mendota Gas Fireplaces Enhance Your Home with Natural Ambiance and Warmth

When you think of fireplaces, you likely imagine wood-burning ones. However, a Mendota gas fireplace is a convenient, stylish way to add a fireplace to your home without the mess associated with wood burning. These fireplaces are suitable for people like you who want a fireplace they can use on-demand, often without much prep or cleanup.

LanChester Grill & Hearth knows that you want your home to be as beautiful, welcoming, and well, homey as possible, so we have a vast selection of fireplaces to help you set the mood you want in any room of your house.

Our Featured Gas-Burning Fireplace:

Fireplaces are one of the most popular features in the home, adding a luxurious element to any room! Traditionally, you think of fireplaces in sitting rooms or living rooms. Still, more contemporary homes have upgraded their spaces with fireplaces in unconventional places, like the bedroom or even the bathroom.

It can be challenging to figure out what kind of gas fireplace will fit your needs. After all, there are plenty of choices for gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts at the big box stores that tout low pricing and easy “DIY” installations.

Unfortunately, these big box store kits do not have a Mendota fireplace’s luxurious look or beautifully efficient function. They can also be unsafe, as they are vent-free gas fireplaces. Mendota gas fireplaces have vent systems, meaning we install them to cycle fresh air in and cycle out the smoke from the fireplace, allowing for safer usage for your family.

Mendota Fireplaces

When you search for the perfect gas fireplace, one built in the United States with a history of high quality and the reputation to match, you want a Mendota fireplace. Made in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, each model is designed and crafted for the highest heating efficiency. With a wide range of fronts and doors, your Mendota gas fireplace is customizable to fit your home’s aesthetic perfectly.

At LanChester Grill & Hearth, we have the world’s largest Mendota fireplace display, and we are proud to be an authorized Mendota dealer. They are exceptionally high-quality pieces, with a beautiful look to them that will instantly transform any room in your home into your family’s favorite place to be.

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The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces add to the looks of any room, but their benefits extend past their aesthetic appeal. Power outages in colder weather can be frightening, especially if you live in an area where weather events make power outages common. Gas fireplaces continue to work during outages, so your family can enjoy this source of heat and light while you wait to restore power. Some other benefits of a gas fireplace include:

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Easy to Use

There is little effort involved in using a gas fireplace. If you have a more sophisticated version, the fireplaces come with a remote control that will do everything. They are perfect for homeowners who want a beautifully fire-lit room but prefer the ease of not having to start the fire themselves. It’s also great for people who have never had a fireplace before!

A beautiful fire burns in a fireplace, but it is well-vented, and no smoke is coming into the home

No Smoke

Because we use a vented gas fireplace system, there is no smoke. Instead, the steady, even heat from the fireplace can be enjoyed 24/7. This feature is excellent for people who are sensitive to the smell of smoke, and it is a safer alternative for people who have concerns like compromising the lungs of children or pets.

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Low Maintenance

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces require minimal cleanup or maintenance. You do not need to worry about any ashes after you have used your Mendota gas fireplace, and it requires less cleaning to maintain its sleek look. Inspect these fire features at least once a year, but other than that, there is little you must do to preserve them, so they perform well for many years.

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