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Where Can You Find the Best Selection of Mendota Fireplace Inserts in Lancaster, PA?

It can be frustrating to start a fire when you have an older or poorly functioning fireplace that allows more heat to escape than to stay and keep your family warm. While luxurious, fireplaces tend to get drafty and inefficient if they are not made from high-quality materials and are not maintained properly. But there’s a solution to your fireplace woes—a Mendota fireplace insert.

At LanChester Grill & Hearth, we know having a fireplace is an incredible amenity that adds value and aesthetic appeal to your home. Still, they can be a headache when they require renovations. Fireplace inserts are an excellent way to upgrade your fireplace without all the hassle of a replacement. When you choose us for the expert installation and service of your new fireplace insert, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that will give you decades of warmth and joy.

Our Featured Fireplace Insert

Historically, fireplaces could be a source of dangerous combustion byproducts and produce quite a bit of smoke, especially if built into older homes. Today, plenty of fireplaces have survived from that time that needs an upgrade. Revitalizing your fireplace can be just as easy as adding a fireplace insert to the space, and Mendota fireplace inserts can make your fireplace a safer, more environmentally friendly source of heat for your family.


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A Mendota fireplace insert is ideal for the conscientious homeowner who loves their fireplace but wants something that conserves energy, requires less maintenance, and creates less pollution. These fireplace inserts are crafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with the best materials and will last for years to come.

We are an authorized Mendota dealer because we believe in the quality of their products. Each model is ANSI/AGA safety tested and designed with incredibly high efficiency and a beautiful look unsurpassed by any other models on the market. Mendota’s wide range of products is suitable for any room in the house and can quickly bring any dull space back to life.

Choosing an insert that will complement your style and selecting the correct size for your area is essential when you want to upgrade your space with a Mendota fireplace insert. Let our experts at LanChester Grill & Hearth help you choose the perfect insert for your fireplace today!

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The Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

We have several high-quality fireplace inserts available for purchase, and our Mendota products are the best on the market. Mendota fireplace inserts are an excellent investment for your space that will bring many benefits, making your home a warmer and more welcoming place to be, literally! Choosing a Mendota fireplace insert for your home will benefit you in many ways.

Energy Efficient

A fireplace insert in a gray stone wall with a gray mantle

Mendota fireplace inserts are more efficient than traditional fireplaces found in older homes. They’re capable of heating rooms for longer and at a higher temperature than conventional fireplaces because they are airtight and block downdrafts from the chimney. Distributor fans help adjust the way the heat disperses, and thermostats on the insert will help you set your fire to the most efficient level for your home.

Little Maintenance

A fireplace insert in a gray stone setting, surrounded by white shelving

Because of the nature of their design, fireplace inserts often require much less maintenance than a traditional fireplace. There is no chimney cleanup. Also, our Mendota fireplace inserts come with a warranty just in case something happens to your new insert! It can be much more inexpensive than the masonry work needed to repair a conventional fireplace if the insert needs repairs.


A fireplace insert in a brown, stone setting that extends from the floor to the ceiling

Everyone’s home has a different aesthetic, and fireplace inserts are versatile and have a range of looks suitable for every home. No matter the design or material you are interested in, Mendota likely has the perfect insert for you. Inserts also come in wood-burning or gas fuel options to suit all your fireplace desires and can be converted to either type of fuel. Our experts can help you get a dream fireplace for your home.

Schedule a Design Consultation

When you’re ready to have your fireplace evaluated so you can purchase the correct size fireplace insert, get in touch with the experts at LanChester Grill & Hearth! Not only do we have the largest Mendota fireplace display in the world, but we also have the knowledge and experience to install them so your fireplace can safely last a lifetime.

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