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Wood-Fired Outdoor Grills Near Lancaster, PA

As one of the most rustic grilling styles, a wood-fired or wood outdoor grill can be extremely rewarding for any hardcore grilling enthusiast. Full of smoky flavors, high-heat capabilities, and an unlimited fuel supply, wood-fired grills are the perfect solution to transform your grilling experience.

So if you love cooking over an open campfire, take it to the next level with a wood-burning grill that makes cooking and cleanup much easier.

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hancock grill

Featured Wood Burning Grill:

Hancock Wood Grills

Combining art with function, the Hancock wood grill is one of the most premiere grills on the market. Designed to bring warmth and beauty to your outdoor space, it’s a versatile and functional piece that’s great for social grilling. It’s easy to use and comes with a grate to make grilling much easier (and more entertaining). The unique design creates easy cleanup maintenance!

Also Available:

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Grills

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The Pros of Wood Fired Grills

Cooking with an outdoor wood grill is not for everyone. It takes time, patience, and a lot of practice to get temperatures and flavors exactly where you want them. But if you’re feeling up to the challenge, read a few of the most common positives we see with wood-fired grilling.

Ready Fuel Supply

Because wood-fired grills use wood as their fuel source, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

Cook Large Quantities at Once

Once a wood burning grill gets hot, it stays hot, and it’s easy to cook a large amount of food for 30 or more people. Plus, with twice the grilling surface area than gas or charcoal grills, the amount of food you can put on it at once increases. More space and faster food output means you’ll have a lot of happy people!

Smoky Flavor

Get that true smoky flavor with a wood-fired grill. You can even experiment with wood types to impart different smoked flavors. Try wood-fired grills as your next BBQ grill!

Cooking Time

While it takes some planning to cook with a wood grill (you need to burn a lot of fuel to accumulate a bed of hot embers before you start grilling), after you have hot embers you can easily cook large volumes of food for hours without a lot of effort.

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