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Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits in Lancaster, PA

Sitting around a backyard campfire is perfect for any time of year, but what if we told you we could make your experience even better? You could have wood-smoked food, a grill, and a smokeless fire pit all in one convenient setup. If this caught your attention, then you may be ready to take your backyard fire pit or grilling to the next level with a Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit.

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits in Our Showroom

Made right here in Lancaster, PA, Breeo’s products are the leading design in smokeless fire pits. Breeo shares our passion for the ultimate campfire experience, and as a result, they are considered fire pit pioneers within the industry. But instead of telling you about them, why don’t we show you instead?

The X Series 19

The X Series 19

As the best and newest in the industry, the X Series of Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits goes above and beyond your expectations. With the new X Airflow™ Technology, the primary airflow of the fire is fed from the bottom. As a result, this design can keep oxygen flowing in even after ash builds up, which helps reduce the smoke creation!

Like all Breeo models, the X Series 19 is more than just a smokeless fire pit—it’s also a wood fire grill. The top rim of your Breeo fire pit serves as a sear plate that can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees; plus, you can also purchase the Outpost Grill Grate as an attachment if you want to get really serious about grilling.

The X Series 24

The X Series 24

Sometimes, bigger really is better, and that’s the story with the X Series 24 Breeo Fire Pit.

This backyard fire pit series is not much different from the X Series 19. You’ll still get the innovative X Airflow™ design that creates less smoke than a standard fire pit, the Cor-ten steel outside wall that patinas beautifully over time, and the ability to become a wood-grilling master—all in a larger package.

This larger size means an even larger grilling area if you get any of the Breeo fire pit accessories. The Outpost Grill Grate and Kettle attachments are perfect for larger families or gatherings.

The Benefits of Going “Smokeless”

When we say “smokeless fire pit,” it’s important to understand that it’s not 100% smoke-free. No matter the type of fire pit you have, getting a fire started will cause smoke. The difference with Breeo is the innovative airflow design that—once your fire is burning—allows for an almost entirely smoke-free experience. And as a result, you get some fantastic benefits that you won’t get from other smokeless fire pits.

No More Watering Eyes

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Sitting around a campfire just got a whole lot easier with your Breeo smokeless fire pit! Say goodbye to having to rotate seats to stay out of the smoke, and instead focus more on relaxing with friends and family. Get the fire going, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

No More Inhaling Smoke

smoking firepit

A little campfire smoke won’t harm you, but if you’re around it for a few hours, it can definitely irritate your lungs and throat. With the Breeo fire pits’ unique airflow design, you won’t have to worry about coughing or sore throats the next day!

A New Level of Relaxing

waterside firepit

Your backyard fire pit should be all about relaxation. Luckily, Breeo fire pits make that easy with their dual functionality. There’s no need to stand in front of the grill to watch your food when you can sit around your wood grill and relax while it cooks!

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