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Useful Questions and Answers About Remote Control Fireplaces for Your Home

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If you’ve been on our page before, you know that here at LanChester Grill & Hearth, we’re huge fans of grills and fireplaces. From full outdoor kitchens to the warmest of indoor fireplaces, we have it all. Not only do we keep these in stock in our showroom, but we also help customers make big decisions when it comes to what changes they’re going to make in their home.

We get a lot of questions about gas vs. electric fireplaces, but we also get asked about the convenience of remote control fireplaces. Today, we’re going to answer a few of the most common questions we get and why a remote control fireplace is such a great asset to have in your home.

How Does a Fireplace Remote Work?

Technology is a great thing, but it can also be confusing. Luckily, almost all of the fireplaces we carry come with a remote control option. The remote is pretty self-explanatory—once your fireplace is installed, you can use it from the comfort of your couch to change a variety of settings in your fireplace!

For example, most Mendota fireplaces come with remotes that let you: turn the flames on or off, adjust the fan speed (to regulate how quickly warm air circulates through the room), turn the rear burner on or off, read temperature levels, set a timer to shut flames off automatically, and check on the battery life of your remote. These features vary for each brand but tend to have similar options.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Remote Control Fireplace?

The obvious answer to this question is convenience and customization. With traditional wood-burning fireplaces, you only have so much control over the temperature. Plus, you can’t put a timer on a wooden log—it burns out when it’s ready!

When you have a remote control gas or electric fireplace, we find that most families rest easier knowing there aren’t any leftover coals in their fireplace overnight. Plus, being able to regulate temperatures will help you save on heating costs during the colder months.

Are There Any Specific Remotes You Recommend?

What kind of fireplace and grill experts of Lancaster County would we be without having a few fireplace remote controls that we recommend? While many of our fireplaces come with remotes already, there are two that stick out to us in particular: the Travis GreenSmart® Remote from Fireplace Xtrordinair and the Mendota BurnGreen™ Remote.

These remotes feel like the sports cars of fireplace remotes. Here are just a few examples of some of their features:

  • Two Thermostat Modes
  • Flame Adjustment (6 levels)
  • Fan Operation (6 levels)
  • Comfort Control™ (Controls rear burner)
  • Accent Lights (6 levels)
  • And More!

Does My Fireplace Have to Be Gas or Electric to Use a Remote?

Yes—your gas fireplace, electric fireplace, or even fireplace insert all have the capability to have a remote feature. If you currently only have a wood-burning fireplace, we suggest talking to our team of experts to see what options are available to you so you can have the luxury of controlling your fireplace from a remote.

We have some of the largest fireplace selections available in Lancaster County, and LanChester has been installing new and retrofit fireplaces (and fireplace inserts) for over 20 years. Stop by our showroom and see how we can help you upgrade!

How Much Does a Remote Control Fireplace Cost?

The price of a fireplace is going to vary on a lot of different fronts. If you’re looking for something sleek, modern, and attention-grabbing, a DaVinci Fireplace is not our lowest cost option, but it definitely makes a statement. On the other hand, we have options from Dimplex, which has some of the world’s leading designs in electric fireplace technology. Our most popular fireplaces are from Mendota, which, again, are not the lowest in the price range for our fireplaces, but they’re the ones we most often recommend to our customers.

So, unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer to this question. The good news is that we carry fireplaces for any budget, and most already come with a remote control. Plus, you can check out our current specials to see what we might have for sale.

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