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What the Experts Have to Say About Fireplaces

Rustic Fireplace design

At LanChester Grill & Hearth, we field questions about fireplaces, pretty much year round. Whether it’s from someone looking to warm up their home in the winter, replace an existing hearth with something more modern and efficient, or an outdoor enthusiast looking to add a cozy touch to their outdoor living space, we’re always happy to help. Fireplaces can be romantic, inviting, but also incredibly efficient when it comes to providing extra warmth and ambiance to a home. Depending on your needs and what kind of look you’re going for, there are a number of routes you can take. To help you out, we took the most common questions about our fireplaces—and here’s what we have to say!

What is the most popular type of fireplace you sell (Wood, coal, pellet, gas, or electric)? And why is it your most popular?

Overwhelmingly, gas fireplaces are as probably over 90% of our total sales. Why are they the most popular? Well, they’re extremely easy to use, for starters. Secondly, the price of gas is typically more cost effective/cheaper than wood pellets and much more convenient than wood stoves. Natural gas is especially economical with all of the local gas being extracted today.

How safe is a gas fireplace compared to other fossil fuels?

Gas fireplaces are the safest when installed correctly. In this case, correct installation means in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, performed by a certified firm. This ensures optimum performance and appearance.

Can I use my fireplace in a power outage?

Absolutely! While most of today’s fireplaces require constant power, most are equipped with a battery backup system to work throughout a power outage.

What type of vent system do they require?

Today, most of the fireplaces available use what are called “direct vent” systems. This type has a dual vent system consisting of a pipe that brings fresh combustion air into the firebox and another part that takes the flue gases out. It isn’t dependent on room air for combustion, so it won’t require a vent to the top of the house roof like a traditional chimney. A direct vent will create its own draft independent from the outside natural drafting that a wood stove requires.

What is the difference between a Traditional, Fullview, and a Linear fireplace?

A traditional fireplace has louvers at the top and bottom of the viewing glass, and features controls behind the louvers. A fullview has glass from top to bottom with controls tucked in the side to provide a much larger view of the flame and logs. A linear fireplace has a short but much wider viewing area, usually around 16” in height and 36”-72” long.

I have a fireplace that was installed by the builder when my house was built. It does not provide much heat and lets in a lot of cold air. What is your solution other than removing the mantel, stonework, etc.?
Do you have one?

Yes, we do! It’s an area we specialize in, actually. We have a system in place where we can remove your old fireplace, insulate the frame housing, and install a high-efficiency Mendota Fireplace without removing your existing granite, stonework, or mantle. Most times, we can complete this in just a single day. We can also install new fireplaces with stone, granite, etc., even if you never had a fireplace. We strive to be your one-stop shop for fireplaces and fireplace installation.

Which fireplace brands do you carry?

For gas fireplaces, we stock Mendota, DaVinci, and Fireplace X models. We carry Lopi for wood fireplaces and Dimplex for electric fireplaces.

What is the DaVinci fireplace I keep hearing about?

The DaVinci is a custom fireplace that’s designed according to your own vision. They can be single sided, 3-sided, see-thru, pier, island, L-shaped, indoor/outdoor see-thru, or as long as 50 feet. You’ll bring us your design ideas, and we’ll see what we can design.

The breathtaking view of a DaVinci fireplace creates a dramatic viewpoint in any room with its sleek, contemporary profile and all-glass viewing area. All that surrounds a ribbon of rich dancing flames, drawing you in with its mesmerizing hues, all on a bed of reflective glass—underlit with adjustable, vibrant multicolor lighting. The revolutionary safe-touch glass makes it safe for high-traffic areas, without the danger of getting burned by touching the glass.

With all of these options, were do I start in choosing a fireplace or stove?

We suggest visiting a showroom with working fireplaces on display. Seeing is believing, and we know how important it is to get the grand view of a fireplace in action before deciding on one. Lanchester Grill & Hearth has 60 unites on display, of which 50 are operational. We have the largest Mendota working display in America, and the only DaVinci on display in the area. We’re also planning on adding the New Mistroe DaVinci model to our collection in January.

For help with your newest obsession, stop by our showroom to see our stock in action. We’ll walk you through the features of each model to find you the perfect addition to your home or outdoor living area.