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The Tempest Torch Wall-Mount or Post: Your Perfect Choice in Outdoor Lighting

The Tempest Torch creates a brilliant spiral flame to provide outdoor lighting.

Imagine you’re entertaining in your dream outdoor kitchen. The sun has set, the children are heading to bed, and the adults sit in your outdoor space having pleasant conversations. Pretty soon, it’s dark, and you can barely see in front of you, much less your guests. The solution? Stunning outdoor gas torch lighting with a Tempest Torch wall-mount or post.

This dramatic, decorative outdoor gas lamp not only provides lighting to see your guests during evening entertainment but also necessary lighting to move around safely in the dark. Its stunning spiral flame provides a beautiful aesthetic that you simply can’t get with an obtrusively bright LED floodlight. Best of all—you can get your very own Tempest Torch right here at LanChester Grill & Hearth in Lancaster, PA!

What is a Tempest Torch?

The flames inside two Tempest Torches dance on an outdoor patio.

The patent-pending Tempest Torch by Travis Industries is a decorative outdoor gas lamp that adds warmth and ambiance to any outdoor living space. The design of this lamp creates a spiral flame that dances within the walls of tempered glass. It creates a natural venturi effect without the use of electricity or a fan. Using either natural gas or propane to fuel the fire, you can count on this outdoor wall lamp to provide the upscale elegance you want in your outdoor lighting.

Our Favorite Features

The Tempest Torch isn’t just a beautiful decorative source of light for your home’s exterior. The torch design is the perfect furnishing for a wide array of exterior settings and applications. From illuminating walkways and entrances to restaurants to providing necessary lights for outdoor entertainment, the Tempest Torch has many features that we love.

Beautiful Lit Flame

The spiral flame of this torch reaches a height of 17 inches and provides up to 20,000 BTUs. With four tempered glass sides of 18 inches, it creates a dramatic effect that you can’t achieve with solar walkway lights. It’s the ideal finishing touch for your outdoor kitchen.

Automatic Gas Safety Shutoff Valve

Another feature we love about this product is the automatic gas safety shutoff valve. Should the flame ever go out for any reason, the safety valve will shut off the gas to prevent any accidents.

Optional Rain Cap

When combined with the glass housing, the optional rain cap is designed to keep the flame lit during high winds and rain. So, no matter the weather, your Tempest Torch is likely to remain lit.

Easy to Clean

The glass housing is easy to remove, so you can simply take it off to clean it when it gets dirty. Or if it ever needs servicing, it’s also not hard to get to the stainless-steel frame or burner.

Two Ignition Options

You can choose from an electronic ignition 24v model torch or the piezo igniter model. Best of all, you can use the electronic ignition with a light switch, remote control, timer, or smart home system. The piezo igniter features an easy-access control panel to light the torch and control the flame.

Installation Options

There are four choices to install your Tempest Torch in your exterior space:

  • Ground Post: If you want a free-standing torch for your backyard, choose the ground post. You bury this three-inch diameter post 30 inches into the ground, and it stands at about seven feet with an optional raincap.
  • Deck Post: For a Tempest Torch that attaches to your deck, a deck post is the perfect option! With a 13-inch diameter base, the post is secured to the deck mount with eight screws. The deck post is a little over seven feet tall.
  • Pillar Mount: To attach a torch to your deck post, a pillar mount option is available. You install a cover onto a deck post, and the pillar mount and gas line hooks into the Tempest Torch. It rises about 36 inches above the deck for a beautiful and serene lighting feature.
  • Wall Mount: Your fourth option to install your Tempest Torch is through a wall mount. For this option, you attach a post to a wall plate, which then attaches to the torch. This post stick out about eight inches from the wall.

No matter what you choose, you can guarantee that it will add the necessary upgrade to your space that you want!

Why You Need Outdoor Gas Torch Lighting

Outdoor wall lamps and gas torch lighting provides an elegant upgrade to your outdoor kitchen or other outdoor living areas. It allows you to entertain for longer, providing the necessary safety and security lighting you need in a fashionable design you want. Plus, the flames can attract fewer bugs, so spending more time outdoors is enjoyable. And since it runs on gas, if the power ever goes out, you’ll still have available outdoor lighting.

Visit Our Showroom to View the Tempest Torch Wall-Mount Today!

The Tempest Torch wall-mount or other installation options are beautiful choices for your deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, or walkways. Not only does it provide necessary lighting when the sun goes down, but it creates a stunning ambiance that keeps away bugs and allows for entertaining long into the night. Contact us today for more information on the Tempest Torch, or visit our showroom to see this gorgeous light fixture in action!